Rates Rates


Council levies rates and charges half yearly.

Council offers a 15% discount if rates and charges are paid on or before the due date, and has a 30 day period in which to pay rates. It is very important that ratepayers do not risk their discounts by leaving payment until it is too late.

NB:  Discount does not apply to water infrastructure and water consumption charges, interest charged on overdue rates, legal costs, rural fire levy and state emergency management, fire and rescue levy.


Council's general rates are calculated in the same way as other Councils throughout Queensland under the Local Government Act 2009. The formula is:

Valuation (issued by Department of Natural Resources & Mines)

Multiplied By

Rate in the dollar

Subject to a minimum charge (set by Council and varying depending upon what the land is used for and its services)

Councils throughout Queensland are required by the Local Government Act 2009 to use the valuation amounts (issued by Department of Natural Resources & Mines) as a basis for calculating general rates.

Should you wish to object to your valuation, or have any query regarding the land valuation, its calculation or land use, please contact the Department of Natural Resources & Mines.

Information on the categories of rates and the current charges for each category are outlined in the Revenue Statement which Council adopts during the annual budget meeting. A copy of the 2016/17 Revenue Statement is available by clicking this link.


A pensioner subsidy for Council's rates and charges is available through the State Government's Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme for eligible Centrelink card holders. The subsidy available is for 20% of rates to a maximum of $200 per annum.

To be eligible for the 20% Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme, you must be:

  • A holder of a Queensland Pensioner Concession Card or a Queensland Repatriation Health Card - For all conditions (Gold Card). No other cards are acceptable when determining eligibility);
  • The owner or life tenant of the property which is your principle place of residence; and
  • Legally responsible for the payment of local government rates and charges levied on that property.

Further information on eligibility is available on the Department of Communities Website.

A Pensioner Subsidy Application form can be downloaded Here.


Potable Water Infrastructure Charge
A potable water infrastructure charge of $322 per year will apply to all standard 20mm connections in Goondiwindi, Inglewood, Texas, Yelarbon and Talwood. Connections larger than 20mm will be charged at higher rates subject to the size (see below). In addition, ratepayers will be charged according to their actual water usage/consumption.

Non-Potable Water Infrastructure Charge
A non-potable water infrastructure charge of $161 per year will apply to all standard 20mm connections in Bungunya, Toobeah and Weengallon.  Connections larger than 20mm will be charged at higher rates subject to the size (see below).  In addition, ratepayers will be charged according to their actual water usage/consumption.

The standard infrastructure charge will be levied on all land within the Goondiwindi Regional Council area whether vacant or occupied to which Council is prepared to supply water, together with any land already connected to the Council's water supply system.

Infrastructure charges for larger connections:

 Water Supply Access Charges for Services Above 20mm Connections - 2016/17








Potable Water







Non-Potable Water







Consumption charges will apply to all water users connected to the Council water reticulation system. Water Meters will be read on a bi-annual basis and consumption charged on the bi-annual rate notice.


Water Supply Consumption Charge - 2016/17

Water Supply Scheme:

Consumption Charge:

Small Towns:
Raw Water - Talwood
Non Potable - Bungunya, Toobeah, Weengallon
Potable - Talwood, Yelarbon


Large Towns:
Inglewood, Texas, Goondiwindi


Bulk water charges - purchase of bulk water from Council standpipe will be at a rate of $3.00 per kilolitre plus a collection charge of $35.00 per each load.


Vacant land, where Council is currently able to provide a reticulated sewerage service or where the land is within 100 metres of a sewerage main, will be charged a vacant sewerage charge in accordance with column 2 of the table below.

For each residential connection or the first non residential WC pedestal or urinal a base sewerage charge per annum will be levied in accordance with column 3 of the table. Each subsequent pedestal or urinal for non residential uses will attract a charge per pedestal/urinal in accordance with column 4 of the table.

Sewerage Charges for 2016/17

Sewerage Scheme

Column 2

Column 3

Non residential extra

Column 4





















CED Scheme




Where a lot contains more than one (1) dwelling unit, a connected sewerage charge for each dwelling unit will apply.

Where the number of pedestals connected to a non residential premises is varied during the year, adjustments will be made on a pro-rata basis from the date of the change.



A waste collection and disposal charge of $344 for the first service and $228 for each additional service for the 2016/17 year is made and levied, for the purposes of providing for the removal and disposal of refuse from all land in actual occupation or with a structure upon it, within the Council area that Council is prepared to provide a roadside collection to..

Where there is more than one structure or land capable of separate occupation, a charge will be made for each structure.

The charge is based upon the weekly collection of a 240 litre wheelie bin. Council will supply a 240 litre wheelie bin for all new services and will replace lost or damaged bins on a fair wear and tear basis.

No credits will be allowed for services not received unless they are for a period of not less than six (6) months, commencing 1 July or 1 January in any year. For a new service the charge will be calculated on a pro rate basis from the date of delivery of the bin subject to the thresholds established by section 6 of Goondiwindi Regional Council's Revenue Statement.


Schedule - Garbage Collection Services


Collection Day:


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (dependent on service area)















Please refer to the back of your rates notice for a detailed list of payment options available for your convenience, or click here to view Council's Rates Payment Flyer.


Council offers a 15% discount if rates and charges are paid on or before the due date. Discounts will only apply if full payment is received, and no other monies are owing, in Council's office on or before the discount date, as printed on the rate notice (30 days from the levy date), regardless of date posted or transferred by electronic methods. If you choose to transfer payments into Council's account via the internet, it should be done well before the due date to avoid late payment. Your bank will be able to advise you of the time delays for such transfers, however if payment is not shown on Council's Bank Statement on or before the day of the close of discount, discount will not be allowed.

NB:  Discount is not available for water consumption.


Rates and Charges levied during the 2016/17 financial year and which remain outstanding for greater than 30 days, shall bear interest at the rate of 11% compounding on daily rests.


Council has levied a special charge on the rateable land contained within the Omanama, Bracker Creek and Glenarbon-Beebo Rural Fire Brigade Areas.



Goondiwindi Regional Council's rates are handled by our Corporate Services Department. If you have any questions about your rates, you can contact Goondiwindi Reginal Council by phoning the contact number stated on your assessment notice or via email: mail@grc.qld.gov.au