Engineering Engineering

  • Director of Engineering
    Dion Jones
    Business: (07) 4671 7400
    Mobile:   0488 776 998
Director of Engineering, Dion Jones

The Engineering Directorate is responsible for the overall management (construction, maintenance and replacement) of the communities built infrastructure.

Their goal is:

  • To provide engineering services for Council, that are compliant with statutory obligations, in an effective and efficient manner.
  • To provide those services in accordance with Council's policies and procedures for the overall benefit of the residents of the Goondiwindi region.

The Engineering Department consists of four areas of responsibility, namely: 


  • Road and Drainage Maintenance
  • Road and Drainage Construction
  • Main Roads Contracts
  • Main Roads "Road Maintenance Performance Contract (RMPC)"
  • Private Works
  • Routine Customer Issues
  • Town Maintenance
  • Utility Services


  • Project Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Roads Planning
  • Levee Banks
  • Gates and Grids
  • Road Openings
  • Development Approval and Control
  • Operational Works
  • Geospatial Information Services


  • Water and Sewerage
  • Plumbing and Drainage

 Assist with:

  • Cemeteries
  • Dumps
  • Town Events
  • Building Inspections


  • Workshop Services
  • Depot Maintenance
  • Fleet Procurement and Coordination