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Fishing & Camping

There's nothing like camping by an open fire with breathtaking starry nights under the Milky Way. The fragrance of fresh fish frying and afternoon bird calls is something quite special. There are many fishing and camping reserves, or you can contact one of the private camping providers for small or large group camping. Some camping areas have limited facilities or no facilities and focus on a truly bush camping experience. Plan accordingly and you will have a great stay.

The waterways in the region boast some of the best inland fishing in Australia. Murray Cod and Yellow Belly are caught in town reaches of the Macintyre River and Coolmunda Dam. Local fishing clubs are continually re-stocking the rivers and Dam to ensure plenty of fish for locals and visitors alike.  As at 8 October 2015 Coolmunda Dam level was 56.4%, with a volume of 38,805ML.  Contact Lake Coolmunda Caravan Park on 07 4652 4171 for any camping enquiries.

Beware bag and size limits apply in Queensland Contact Queensland Boating and Fisheries on (07) 4622 9919 for seasonal information.

Drop into the Visitor Information Centre for a free copy of the Camping and Fishing Guide in the Goondiwindi Area.

Four-Wheel Driving

Four-wheel drive along relaxed country roads or challenge the rugged terrain the choice is yours. Whether you want the excitement and adventure of four-wheel driving on rugged, off-road terrain that challenges your skill, or whether you just want to enjoy the gentle slopes or changing environment as you drive between picturesque country landscapes, we offer it all.