Awarded Tenders Awarded Tenders

As per Section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council advises that closed tenders with a contract of $200,000 or more (exlusive of GST) were awarded to the following:



Awarded Date

Awarded To

Contract Value

Contract 12/56 Goondiwindi Sewerage Treatment Plant Renewal 22/04/2013 Cockram Construction Ltd $4,196,483.50
RFT 13/72 Supply & delivery of a Grader, allowing trade on Unit 1005 (Cat 140H Grader) 30/10/2013 Hastings Deering Pty Ltd $370,982.75 (Inclusive of GST)
Contract 13/106 Supply, Delivery and Placement of Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing for 2013/14 Reseal Program 27/11/2013 SRS Roads Pty Ltd $750,679.41 (Inclusive of GST)
Contract The provision of detailed drawings and designs of the Building Review to prepare for tender 09/12/2013 Aspect Design Studio Pty Ltd $501,253 (GST exclusive)
RFQ 13/79 Supply and delivery of one (1) 50,000kg GCM Truck 18/12/2013 Kenway & Clark - Goondiwindi $218,699.85 (GST exclusive)
RFT 14-10 Goondiwindi Regional Council Reconstruction and refurbishment of the Council Premises at Cnr. Bowen and McLean Streets, Goondiwindi 13/08/2014 G & K Lawson $1,587,937 (excluding GST)
RFT 14-11 Goondiwindi Regional Council Cultural and Theatre Re-development 13/08/2014 G & K Lawson $4,883,116 (excluding GST)
RFT 14/16 Supply & Delivery of One (1) Grader 26/11/2014 Hastings Deering $351,450 GST Inclusive
RFQ 14/47 Supply & Delivery of One (1) 30,000kg Tipping Truck 26/11/2014 Kenway & Clark $224,455.94 GST Inclusive