Cr David McMahon Cr David McMahon

Mobile: 0409 820 013

Portfolio: Streetscape, Parks and Gardens

Community Activities: Cr McMahon is very supportive of local businesses and sits on the board as Council representative of the regions Chambers of Commerce. He is also very active in bringing many people to the region to visit over the past eleven (11) years with conferences and motor vehicle clubs and this has made a positive economic impact on the town. Cr McMahon sits as President on a number of Goondiwindi based community organisations so he is well connected to his community.

Cr McMahon shares the Community Portfolio and seeks through Council to make a difference to the community that is now the new Goondiwindi Regional Council area. One of Cr McMahon's particular interests is in working with the young people of the region so that they feel connected with the region they live in. As a very hands-on Councillor, Cr McMahon believes that it is the people of this new Regional Council that will drive this region forward and it is one of his goals to work with the community to achieve positive outcomes for the region economically, socially and culturally.


Cr McMahon is very accessible to the people of the region and has instigated regular trips to places like Inglewood, Texas and Yelarbon. Dates for visits can be found via the local newspaper, the MacIntyre Gazette.

Cr McMahon is married with three children still at home.